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Ice caves in Austria in the Dachstein region

The Dachstein caves are among the largest in Europe

Dachstein Salzkammergut in Salzburg
Giant Ice Cave in Salzkammergut on the Dachstein

Extensive cave systems lie dormant inside the Dachstein, some of which can be walked through and viewed. Submerse yourself in a world of gigantic ice formations and stalactites and admire this geological natural miracle. The Dachstein Ice Cave, Mammut Cave (Mammoth Cave) and the Koppenbrüller Cave in the mountains near Obertraun can be visited from spring well into autumn.

Ice caves

The Dachstein ice caves are situated high above the Traun valley and can be reached by the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car. It's just a few minutes walk to the entrance to the caves from the Schönbergalm station. An experienced cave guide accompanies you on the roughly 50-minute guided tours through the magical world made out of ice that formed over the centuries and continues to grow and change thanks to the constant seepage from the Dachstein plateau. You emerge through ice-free passageways and a stalactite hall into the "King Arthur's Dome", a hall dominated by massive blocks of rock where bones of bears were found that bear traces of being handled by humans. The path continues into the "Ice Palace", to the "Parsifal Dome", the "Tristan Dome" and into the "Big Ice Chapel", accompanied step by step along the way by balls, cones and curtains of ice that outdo one another in size and beauty.

A visit to the Giant Ice Cave is also suitable for children of any age. Remember to bring extra clothing with you as the temperature in the Dachstein ice cave rarely rises above freezing. You can experience the ice cave as a concert hall with the Dachstein ice concerts every August.

Mammut Cave on the Dachstein in Salzkammergut
Mammut Cave in Salzkammergut

The Mammut Cave

The Mammut Cave, which gets its name from its huge dimensions and is one of Europe's largest karst caves, is also situated on the Schönbergalm. Roughly 70 kilometres of passageways have been explored so far, just under a kilometre of them can be walked through during tours. The roughly 1-hour tour informs you about how the cave's historical origins and the way speleologists work. A fascinating interplay of light and colours finally awaits you in the "Kingdom of Shadows": it wasn't just nature that has been at work here as an artist, installations also present the rock faces in a special light. Anyone who is after an exceptional adventure can delve deeper into the cave's secrets on a cave trekking tour.

The Koppenbrüller Cave

The Koppenbrüller Cave is a water-bearing cave in the valley that can be reached by a short walk on a hiking trail along the Koppentraun river. Inside you can admire stalactites that are thousands of years old, while the invisible stream burbles underneath you. Thanks to pathways secured against flooding it is even possible to visit in bad weather without any problems. An art installation also attracts attention in the Koppenbrüller Cave: drums turn dripping water into an acoustic experience.

Experience the ice caves in Salzkammergut in Upper Austria

Become cave explorers with your children and visit the impressive Dachstein caves. You can reach Obertraun by Lake Hallstatt and the caves in about half an hour from Hotel Sommerhof. Look forward to this and many other experiences on your holiday at Hotel Sommerhof and send a no-obligation enquiry to Hotel Sommerhof!











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