UNESCO World Heritage Site

Unique places - very close! Our Hotel Sommerhof is the perfect starting point for your vacation in Hallstatt. With us, you will find the best culinary delights as well as relaxing moments for every age. And the best feature: You will reach Hallstatt by bus, cab, or car within 15 minutes! The world-famous Hallstatt attracts guests from all over the world. Uniquely, the houses snuggle against the cliff walls like the nest of a swallow. You will be enchanted by the stunning view of Lake Hallstatt from various places. And as if that were not enough, it seems like you can almost travel back in time when you visit the Saltmine. Since 1997, the place has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its special construction, its interaction with nature and culture, and because it is proven that already 7000 years ago, the first people settled here! The rich salt deposit of the mountain brought wealth to the region and shaped a whole epoch, the "Hallstatt period". Today you will dive into another time while visiting Hallstatt. You will find traditional houses in colorful variations, beautiful scenery directly at Lake Hallstatt, and a lot of interesting facts about times gone by while visiting the salt mine. Framed by the surrounding mountains, you will admire the charming picture of the village, which is listed among the top 10 places worth seeing in Europe by many travel guides. It is unsurprising that many travelers have listed Hallstatt on their bucket lists. Therefore, we can highly recommend our hotel for your Hallstatt vacation. You are directly on site, yet still away from the hustle and bustle.

Check out our Hallstatt highlights:

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Hallstatt and Lake Hallstatt

Experience the region

When you think of Hallstatt, you also think of the Saltmine and the Dachstein Krippenstein mountain. Usually, you do not visit Hallstatt without visiting them, too. Where else could you take a journey through time or a trip high up in the sky? While staying with us in your perfect Hallstatt accommodation, you will have plenty of time to experience the whole area with all its adventures. The Hallstatt salt mine is the oldest mine in the world! More than 7000 years ago, the first people discovered that they could preserve their hunting treasures in the mountains and, therefore, decided to stay. Furthermore, excavations of the Hallstatt high valley testify to the wealth of the inhabitants of that time. You want to see it for yourself? Discover our history on a guided tour. Your child hasn’t reached the age of 4 yet. No problem; explore the area with a stroller and visit the cave another time! You’ll still enjoy every minute of your visit! But there’s even more: The Dachstein glacier, including the ice cave and the mammoth cave, as well as the Five Fingers Skywalk. Go up to the highest mountain in the region by using the Krippenstein cable car. Get out at the first partial station to visit the famous and spectacular caves. Our researchers are still discovering new corners in Europe's most extensive cave system. After the visit to the caves, you should go further up, where you can enjoy a delicious meal at the mountain restaurants, explore the viewing platform 5 Fingers, find the Dachstein shark, and, if you are the sporty type, hike the Heilbronner Rundwanderweg.

Hallstatt in Winter

Tourists from all over the world come here to admire the beauty of nature, especially in summer. But Hallstatt also has its charm in winter. Lake Hallstatt never freezes over, which benefits the shipping industry. Arrive in Hallstatt by ferry and experience the town from a special perspective. Speaking of perspectives - stroll through the idyllic winter landscape to the various photo spots and get a postcard-worthy photo of the World Heritage Site. Not only a winter walk through the picturesque streets and the historic center makes winter hearts beat faster, the winter hike to the World Heritage Skywalk and the Rudolfsturm restaurant located above Hallstatt is also a special recommendation.

From another point of view

You know all the famous pictures of Hallstatt, but now you want to see them by yourself and from another point of view. Then this will be the perfect hint for you. Well, the typical view of Hallstatt is a must-have for your camera, too. Therefore, pass the marketplace and both churches and as soon as you reach the road bend, you can already see the perfect photo point. Our secret hint: start your Hallstatt trip right after breakfast at our hotel; then you will have the best lighting. Another beautiful point of view comes from the Catholic Church. By the way, you will also find the famous Bone House (ossuary). As the Hallstatt graveyard got too small, the tradition of the Bone House was created. You shouldn’t miss a walk on the Upper Way either; you will quickly fall in love with the little alleys. When visiting the Saltmine Hallstatt, you can take a short walk to the skywalk platform, where you will enjoy a stunning view over the lake and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt from a bird’s-eye view. (download city map)

Picturesque scenery

Do you want to know why you shouldn’t miss visiting Hallstatt while staying in the "Salzkammergut"? The UNESCO World Heritage Site is so special because of its history, but today it is also so popularly visited because of its picturesque scenery. Colorful little houses clinging to the mountain like birds' nests, the splendor of flowers on the balconies, and the richly colored facades are the reasons that make the little streets special places. Anyone who likes to discover the region aside from the busy lakeside road will fall in love with Hallstatt. A visit from the afternoon to the early evening is also worthwhile. Do not miss visiting the "Echerntal". Be ready to be charmed by the circular path with the thundering waterfall. Your imagination will go in search of elf traces while discovering the little houses of fairies and dwarves and collecting snail shells.


It’s our mission to do everything we can to ensure that you can relax in peace while staying with us. You’ve had an exciting day in Hallstatt. You’ve had a beautiful hike in the mountains. In our Hotel Sommerhof you can lean back and enjoy the rest of your day while watching the dreamy views of the mountains and stunning nature.

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Boat trip on Lake Hallstatt

Ship Ahoy!  

It’s a must to experience Hallstatt from the view you get while being on the water. Wonderful scenery awaits you here. You can choose to go on a boat tour, ride an electric boat, or pedal a boat by yourself. No matter the choice you make, don’t miss looking at Hallstatt from the lake view.

Take a walk!

Discover Hallstatt by foot. 

It's wonderful to stroll around Hallstatt! Find your perfect parking space at parking lots P1 and P2; don’t forget: it is not allowed to enter Hallstatt by car; only the residents are allowed to drive there! Starting at the parking lot, get on your way to the city center by using the "Seestraße". The even better option is to turn left after the bakery, which will lead you up to the "Obere Weg" – "the upper way" – where you will escape from the bustle. The "upper way" leads to the Catholic Church and promises stunning views of the colorful houses snuggling around the cliff walls. Arriving at the Catholic Church, you can visit the "Bone House" or take a picture at the famous "Photopoint". From there, you return to the marketplace by passing the ship landing place. Before visiting the Calvary church, take a little break at the floating island, where you can either take a swim, relax, or play with your children on the little playground next to the water. You haven't had enough yet? Visit the "Echerntal" and the waterfall "Waldbachstrub" to perfectly end your day in Hallstatt, Austria.

The tranquility of Gosau

Nature and mountains

The Hotel Sommerhof is the perfect Hallstatt accommodation. You’ll be staying at the gates of the famous town while still enjoying the calm atmosphere of Gosau. Our 4-star family hotel lies next to a wonderful green meadow. While relaxing in our heated outdoor pool, relishing our delicious cuisine, or playing at the adventurous playground, you can enjoy the stunning landscape. 


Start your hike, your biking tour, or your trip to the beautiful photo point Lake Gosau right from our hotel.

Your favorite destinations are so close

From our Hotel Sommerhof, your ideal Hallstatt accommodation, you can reach all of you favorite places of the Salzkammergut easily by public transport, by car or cab or, if you are the sporty one, by bike or foot.


  • Lake Gosau: 5 minutes by car
  • Hallstatt: 15 minutes by car
  • Bad Ischl: 30 minutes by car
  • St. Wolfgang: 45 minutes by car
  • St. Gilgen: 50 minutes by car
  • Salzburg: 1 hour by car
  • Königssee in Bavaria: 1h 10 minutes by car
Adventures in and around Hallstatt

Now that you’ve found your perfect Hallstatt accommodation, you're asking yourself: How long should I stay there? Hallstatt is beautiful, and there are so many possibilities for discovering the region, but there are also many other attractions in the whole Salzkammergut area. So here are some ideas for your vacation, depending on your length of stay:


...2­ to 3 nights:

  • A Hallstatt walk and Hallstatt Lake boat trip
  • Hallstatt Saltmine
  • Krippenstein (5 Fingers)
  • Both Gosau Lakes
  • A relaxing time in our Hotel Sommerhof while enjoying our delicious cuisine.


...3 to 4 nights:

  • A Hallstatt walk and Hallstatt Lake boat trip
  • Hallstatt Saltmine
  • Krippenstein (5 Fingers and ice cave)
  • Both Gosau Lakes & Gosaukamm cable car
  • Former imperial city: Bad Ischl

Enjoy the vacation in the Salzkammergut and let your soul dangle in the Hotel Sommerhof.


...5 to 7 nights:

  • A Hallstatt walk and Hallstatt Lake boat trip
  • Hallstatt Saltmine
  • Krippenstein (5 Fingers and ice cave)
  • Both Gosau Lakes & Gosaukamm cable car
  • Former imperial city: Bad Ischl
  • St. Wolfgang & St. Gilgen at Lake Wolfgang
  • Salzburg Old Town & Outlet Center
  • Enjoy the feeling of being in the Salzkammergut every evening at our hotel
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