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Mountainbike adventures around Dachstein 

Speed. Freedom. Close to nature. Mountainbike adventures around Dachstein release a whole spectrum of emotions. Some 100 km of mountain bike trails wind through the Gosau valley and up the surrounding mountains on forest trails and asphalt roads. Each tour rewards riders in its own way: with a view of the valley, typical alpine delicacies or a break in the midst of the mountain idyll.

"We are always particularly proud of our Sommerhof Trophy team. Every year we send a cycling team into the race, with its own jersey and guest fan club."

Erni Wallner, host at the Sommerhof   

MTB adventures can be had at every turn in the Salzkammergut. Dream-like views of the peaks of the Gosaukamm await those that pedal their way up to the Iglmoosalm. The Plassen, Hallstatt's local mountain, requires a little more pedal power, but this bike tour is worth every inch of the way. Picturesque alpine pastures greet you to the right and left and the descent into romantic Hallstatt is a true tour highlight. Those who feel like going the extra mile are well advised to take the multi-day Dachstein tour.

There is a secure bike cellar with free washing facilities and e-bike charging stations at the Hotel Sommerhof. Your bike can also have a quiet night and recharge its batteries for the next MTB tour in the Salzkammergut. We will be happy to put you in touch with a local guide who, for a fee, will show you the ins and outs of local bike trails. If you need a rental mountain bike or e-bike, we recommend "Sport Jirka" in the village centre. 



If you are looking for MTB action in the Salzkammergut, the Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Trophy is a must. The bike race with the slogan "a ride to hell and back" with different stages and levels of difficulty is internationally attended and a highlight in the Sommerhof calendar. Each year scores of bike fans come to us for the big event. Of course, a Sommerhof Trophy team with its own jersey and cheering fans is not to be missed. 


Trophy Package: Be part of it!

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