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Hike to the Löckernmoos high moorlands

A place of happiness at 1,400 metres

Hiking Gosau Löckersee lake
Hiking by Löckersee lake in Gosau

The Salzkammergut is practically bursting with captivating natural phenomena. One of them is the Löckernmoos, which can be reached from Hotel Sommerhof after a roughly 1.5-hour sophisticated mountain hike. There is also the opportunity to travel up to it once or twice a week with the slow scenic train. Once you have hiked this natural beauty and experienced it with your own eyes you will no longer wonder why this special spot is considered to be a place of happiness.

Hike to the Löckernmoos

On the other side of the hotel take the little lane up. Hiking trail 511 to Löckernmoos starts at the end of the road on the edge of the forest. You head through the forest towards the grindstone quarries on this marked trail. After about one and a half hours you reach the first grindstone hut (1,344 m). You then continue on the path southwards up to the Löckernmoos. The 7.7 hectare blanket bog is situated at 1,400 metres above sea level and is several thousands of years old.

The most beautiful spot in Upper Austria

Once you've arrived at the high moorlands lake, it's wonderful to just stop by the shore, watch the clouds in the sky and listen to the wind and birds. Feel the power of the centuries-old moor under you and around you when you walk over the boardwalks. The formation of the old Löckernmoos surrounded by mountain pines and heather bushes above the Gosau grindstone quarries dates back to roughly 10,000 years ago. As a result of its uniqueness, it was designated as a "place of energy" and chosen as the most beautiful spot in Upper Austria as part of the ORF TV programme "9 Plätze, 9 Schätze" (9 spots, 9 gems) in 2015.

Löckersee lake on the Löckernmoos moorlands in Gosau
Sunrise on Löckersee lake

A fascinating natural spectacle

Anyone who makes the effort to go up to the Löckernmoos early in the morning during the summer months will witness a downright magical natural spectacle. When the morning sun immerses the majestic Gosaukamm in warm light, the scene is revealed twice: once on the horizon and at the same time as a reflection on the silky smooth water's surface. However, the panorama does not fail to captivate every hiker at any other time of the day too.

Other hiking options

From Moos you can continue hiking southwestwards through Moos to a mountain hut. There you follow a forest road for a bit and then head left over wooden planks past the Wildfrauenloch and back to the grindstone huts. From here you follow the same route as when climbing as far as Gosau. Hike takes approx. 3.5 hours in total.

Hiking in the Dachstein Salzkammergut region

A different hiking destination every day: the Dachstein Salzkammergut region fulfils almost any wish that hiking enthusiasts may have. Lose yourself in wonderful nature on your hikes around Hotel Sommerhof in the Gosau valley. You can get other hiking tips from your hosts there, who know the region like the back of their hand as locals. We would be delighted to receive your no-obligation holiday enquiry!











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